Creating Church Partnerships



Antiochia Teams has the vision to create the best possible scenario for a church plant to develop successfully from the conception stage to its independence. The concept of church partnerships is an important component in seeking to put this idea into practice.

Recruit team leaders and members for a specific church planting project. the team leaders enters into a partnership with a partnering church.
The team leader is sent out to begin a 12-month internship with the partnering church.
The team leader is being prepared for the church planting ministry by the partnering church and Antiochia Teams.
Funds are being raised for the first five years of the church plant.
A five year partnership plan is developped between the church plant and the partnering church.
The team leader is sent out for the beginning of the church plant. Further leaders are recruited and funds raised.

Antiochia Teams walks alongside the church plant for continual support through

  • training
  • pastoral care
  • direct ministry

Our strategy includes the formation of a close partnership between a church plant and a partnering church. This partnership begins with the internship of the church planter in the partnering church. The church planter profits from the internship through hands-on ministry experience. It also creates an opportunity to raise part of the initial, financial support. The church planter will be guided through the program by Antiochia Teams and the partnering church with the goal of being prepared for the tasks of church planting and team leadership. A five year plan will be developed together, in which it is determined how the partnering church can support the church plant through mission teams, conferences, teaching units or other activities. As a result, continuous highlights are created for the church plant during the course of a year. This will be especially beneficial in the area of local evangelism efforts. The partnering church benefits from this experience through the opportunity of a progressive foreign mission involvement based on close relational bonds with an indigenous leadership team. The church plant and Antiochia Teams will create a process to move the church plant toward self-sustainable independence after the five year partnership ends. Based on the growth progress of the church plant, it will be determined what type of financial, practical, and staff decisions need to be made in order to ensure the continued development of the church.