DISTINCTIVES of Antiochia Teams as a church planting mission

  • A Team Approach to Church Planting.

    We believe church planting is best done in teams, ideally with five to eight team members.

  • Local Project Partners for the Church Plant.

    Antiochia Teams is not a denomination. We seek to pursue church planting with project partners, like a local mother church or a denomination. Of course, it is possible, and sometimes necessary under the right circumstances, to begin church plants without local partners.

  • Personal and Practical Support by Antiochia Teams.

    Antiochia Teams does not want to simply watch the ministry at a distance. Our desire is to give hands-on support to the team on location and their church plant on the basis of building personal relationships, and being present locally as often as possible. Furthermore, we will seek to give practical support, for example, through our training program, conferences, weekend get-aways, and/or counseling.

  • Strong Support Through Partner Churches.

    Partner churches invest themselves in a church plant through a five-year partnership program, which is created by the team leader, the partner church, and Antiochia Teams. Prior to the partnership, the team leader goes through an internship in the partner church. This is described in more detail on our page Partnerships.

  • The Funding of the Church Planter.

    Our desire is for the church planter to be fully funded during the first five years of the church plant. Different approaches of fundraising will be pursued by the church planter and Antiochia Teams. Being fully funded will protect the church planter from burn-out, and enable him to fulfill his demanding role as team leader in the church plant.

  • Expository Teaching and Preaching.

    We encourage expository teaching and preaching in the church. The explanation of the Scriptures themselves, and their application to our lives, is the foundation for a church to grow spiritually, and for their members to learn how to study the Word of God on their own in a profitable way.