Training and Development of the Church Planting Team

Church Planting is one of the most demanding types of ministry.  Team leaders and members are called to give their all in this ministry.  It is important to take time for personal development, and to seek to lead a balanced life-style.  This can protect from ministry burn-out.  We invest into our leaders through our two-year long training program.  We grow together in our personal and spiritual life, as well as in our ministry skills.

3 Areas of Personal Development

  • Practical ministry experience through ministry in a team setting
  • Development of personal character and spiritual life
  • Training in church planting and one specific ministry area


Training: Grow together as a TEAM

The training program begins simultaneously with the church planting project.

The whole team goes through the training program together.

5 Building Blocks for the Training Program

These are the most important building blocks of the training program. They support the continued, personal development of each member of the church planting team.

  • Practical ministry experience in a team setting
  • Attend local training units three times yearly.
  • Continuous assignments as part of the training program
  • Regular interaction with a mentor
  • Attend yearly conference of Antiochia Teams